Frequently Asked Questions | Window Tinting

What are the main benefits of having my windows tinted?

There are many benefits of tinting your home or office windows such as:

  1. Reducing incoming heat which will thereby cut your energy bills.
  2. Slow down the fading process on wood furnishings, carpets and valuable artwork.
  3. Reduce incoming glare, providing a comfortable space to live or work.

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Image of window tinting on home.
How can I add more privacy to my home?

These days with two story homes so close together, or a two story home next to a single story home, quite often the unintended consequence is that you can see directly into your neighbor's home or they can see directly into yours. Unless of course you leave the blinds closed. Which is what most people do. But that defeats the purpose of having a window. Installing reflective film on those windows gives you complete privacy during the day. The additional benefit, is that you have more light in your home and can leave the lights off, saving you money on your energy bills.

Can I tint my dual pane windows?

The short answer is yes. The thing to be careful about is how much heat the film absorbs. As a general rule if the film absorbs less than 46% of the incoming heat , it is safe for dual pane windows. See the chart below.

Looking at the third row from the left, you can see that Madico's Solar Bronze series films are safe, but the Solar Grey films are unsafe. Any reputable film installer will readily show you the manufacturer's spec sheet for any film you are intending to purchase. This is a general guide. Please call us with any specific questions you may have regarding tinting dual pane windows. Or contact us via email.

Imagee of Madico Window Film Spec Sheet.
Can I leave my blinds open if I tint my windows and still keep the heat out?

More often than not, when I enter a client's home to do a window tint estimate, I find all the blinds closed. Primarily because they let in too much glare, and secondly because they let in too much heat. The result? People end up living in a cave. Caves have no windows except for the entrance. So you never see outside. Even if people have nice views, all that is sacrificed for comfort. What if you could have no glare or heat entering a room and you could have your view too? That's what window film does for you. Reducing heat by up to 72%, UV by up to 99%, and you can leave your blinds open during the day. So why not call us for your free in home estimate today.

Photo from inside house of window tinting.