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Why consider window film in Northern San Diego County?

While Oceanside’s temperate climate is cooler than inland communities, there are still compelling reasons to consider residential window tinting. Outside temperatures can still reach 90 degrees. Even if you have dual pane windows, interior temperatures can still feel uncomfortable. Depending on the grade of window film installed, high grade films can reduce the incoming heat by approximately 70%, reducing interior temperatures by up to 10 – 12 degrees. 

Glare is another reason to apply window film to glass. Eliminate squinting when you walk into a room by dimming he bright sunlight streaming in. Closing  blinds and curtains to keep out bright light, effectively eliminates the outside scenery. Certainly not an option if you have an ocean view. In addition to reducing the glare, window film also reduces incoming ultraviolet light by 99%. This helps to protect furniture, flooring and artwork from damaging rays from the sun.

A final reason to apply window film would be to provide privacy during the day. Leave blinds and curtains open during the day and see out clearly without people outside seeing in. This is important if you have gardeners or maintenance people on the property or young children at home alone.  

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