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Why consider window film in Riverside County?

Probably the main reason to tint windows in Riverside County is the increased heat. While temperatures at the coast can reach 80 degrees and more, temperatures in Riverside can easily be in the mid 90’s and in eastern Riverside county in the100’s. Besides air conditioning, window tinting is the most effective way to reduce incoming heat. Temperatures can be reduced by up to 10 – 12 degrees which can make a massive difference, enabling the air conditioner to cycle more, thereby saving on the lifetime maintenance costs, or lengthen the lifespan of an older air conditioning unit by reducing the load on the unit.

Besides the obvious heat reducing advantages of window film, glare reduction is another huge factor to consider. Many homes, especially two story homes have windows above windows and while most people put blinds on the lower windows, the upper windows are left without coverings, thereby letting in too much glare for most comfortable living. Tinting those windows can reduce the glare by 80%, which makes the difference between squinting and not squinting when entering the room. Damaging UV light is also kept out , limiting the damage than can be done to furnishings, flooring and expensive artwork.

A final reason to apply window film would be to provide privacy during the day. Leave blinds and curtains open during the day and see out clearly without people outside seeing in. This is important if you have gardeners or maintenance people on the property or young children at home alone.

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